Yeshiva World Op-Ed: "Why Bob Turner Needs To Be Your Choice Today"


Jason Nussbaum writes:

On issues closer to home, Turner’s unwavering position on family values are in line with many of the proud hard working men and women of the district including the sizable orthodox community. And unlike Mr. Weprin, Turner honestly believes in the institution of marriage as one between a man and woman. Despite the unending explanations, clarifications and double speak of Weprin, the bottom line is he betrayed his community and his constituents and “proudly” voted for the same gender marriage bill as an “Orthodox Jew.”

Not truly realizing his community’s outrage even today, Weprin flip-flopped on his reason for voting, convincing himself and his team that they could move on from the issue if only they stayed on a civil rights message. Amazingly, he still fails to understand the feelings many still harbor by his ill- advised vote and his shallow defense for ever casting it.

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