Maggie on Gov. O'Malley's Anti-Poverty Push: What About Marriage?


The Daily Caller:

Democratic Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is working to improve his state’s numbers on poverty, education, crime and employment, but he says Maryland can’t effectively reduce out-of-wedlock births or divorces.

“It makes little sense to claim you care about educational failure, violence and poverty, and then say you don’t care about people getting and staying married,” countered Maggie Gallagher, founder of the National Organization for Marriage. Lack of support for traditional marriage, she said, “is the source of a huge part of these problems in Maryland.”

... “It is sad the the only thing the governor wants to do for marriage is redefine it by cutting it off from its roots” in child-rearing, said Gallagher.

It’s difficult to understand why the governor won’t aid child-rearing marriage, she said, when he’s already using government to tell “people what to do and think on many programs.”

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