Maryland Del. Burns: "We Have More People [for Protecting Marriage] Than Last Year"


The movement to protect marriage in Maryland has only grown stronger since their victory earlier this year:

Delegate Emmett C. Burns, Jr., D-Baltimore County, said opponents [of same-sex marriage] have increased in numbers.

"Last time we had a loose confederation of opponents. Now we have a tightly-knit organization with strategies, with plans, and with money to fight same sex marriage," Burns said. "We have more people ... who are against it than last year."

Burns, who is a reverend at Rising Sun First Baptist Church, held a press conference in early September with several Baltimore area church leaders to announce the creation of a Political Action Committee (PAC) that will fight same-sex marriage legislation during the 2012 session. Burns has a meeting planned with potential PAC members for early October, and hopes to have the PAC officially up and running soon thereafter. The chuch is in Woodlawn, a community west of Baltimore. -- Capital News Service

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