Illinois Bishops Create New Defense of Marriage Department


From the press release:

Passage and enactment of the state’s new civil unions law has prompted Illinois’ bishops to create a Defense of Marriage department within the Catholic Conference of Illinois.

CCI’s Director of Government Relations Zach Wichmann heads the new department, with each diocese appointing advocates who seek to promote the Church’s love and solicitude toward marriage, families and children, and defend against public policy encroachments.

... [Wichmann] warned that initiatives to redefine marriage in Illinois civil law are likely on the horizon. Lawmakers in New York state this summer passed and the governor signed into law a measure legalizing same-sex marriage. The governor of Maryland is expected to push a same-sex marriage proposal next year. Illinois may not be far behind, Wichmann noted.

“The outcomes of these proposals will have implications in many areas of civil and religious life,” Wichmann said. “The Catholic Church will strive to prevent negative consequences to society, public ministry and children.”