School Disciplines Teacher Who Suspended Student Over Views on Homosexuality


CitizenLink with an update on the story of a Texan student disciplined for expressing his views about homosexuality in the classroom:

A teacher at a Fort Worth, Texas, high school has been placed on paid administrative leave after suspending a Christian student who said in class homosexuality is wrong.

On Sept. 20, Kristopher Franks’ German class at Western Hills High School was discussing the German view of homosexuality and religion. One student asked what the German word is for “lesbian”; another, 14-year-old freshman Dakota Ary, told a friend he’s a Christian who believes homosexuality is wrong. For that, Franks sent him to the principal’s office with an in-school suspension for “possible bullying.”

When Ary’s parents heard about it, they contacted Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm. Their lawyers spoke with the school, which then reversed Ary’s suspension and disciplined Franks.

...The incident wasn’t the first for Franks, who lawyers said earlier this month displayed a photo of two men kissing and told his class that since homosexuality is becoming more prevalent, they should just accept it.