Drag Queen (and Single Dad) Against SSM?


The Chicago Tribune:

By the time Marcus Parker left his hometown of Chicago in 2005 for California, he was well known around the city's drag-queen show circuit as Flame Monroe, the 5-foot-8, stacked diva with the crimson wig and extra-blue comedy act.

What most people wouldn't guess about the flamboyant Parker, who returns to Chicago this weekend for several shows, is that he's a devoted single father who is careful to tone down the color around his young children.

... And he doesn't support gay marriage.

... "I don't think it's right when a (gay) couple has lived a life together and family members step in at the last minute to take (possessions) or make decisions. But gay marriage? No. The only reason gay people want to get married is because they can't. Let them, and the divorce rate would be higher than (that of) heteros." [...] I just don't think marriage between gays is right."