WaTimes: Social Conservatives Make Their Mark in Washington


And among them, pro-marriage conservatives especially:

Although the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit wrapped up last weekend, social and evangelical activists are networking and appear ready to make sure their opinions are understood in 2012.

...“I’ve already had a handful of people come up to me and say that they changed who they wanted to vote for because of this information,” said Christopher Plante, the executive director of the National Organization for Marriage – Rhode Island, as he held up a spreadsheet with all of the candidates’ stances on several key values.

“People are grateful for this information. We need all the candidates to lead on marriage, not something else. Right now there are many who believe in marriage to be between one man and a woman. But, we don’t want them to just believe it. We need them to lead on it. So far, Rick Santorum is the only one who seems to be doing that,” Mr. Plante added. -- Washington Times

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