Four GOP Senators Get Forty Pieces of Silver


The New York Times reports:

This week, the four Republican state senators who provided the decisive votes to pass the marriage bill are to get a big financial boost from those donors, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. A fund-raiser planned for Thursday night in Manhattan is expected to raise about $1.25 million to help finance their re-election bids next year.

And yet, The Times also reports that $1.5 million poured into David Weprin's campaign could not save him from the voters come election day:

Democrats poured $1.5 million into their failed attempt to retain the Congressional seat last held by Anthony D. Weiner, vastly outspending the Republican candidate, Bob Turner, who ultimately prevailed in New York’s Ninth District.

NOM's own flash poll the day of the election showed more than 90 percent of Orthodox Jews (about 13 percent of all voters in the district) voted for Bob Turner, and 72 percent of these said his vote for gay marriage influenced their decision to oppose him.

Voters in this Democratic district said they opposed gay marriage 50 percent to 38 percent, and of those who agree marriage is the union of husband and wife, 44% said Weprin's position was a factor in their vote, while just 29% of the minority of those who disagree said his position was a factor.

The more than $1.5 million the Democrats spent could not save David Weprin's from his constituents. We predict Mayor Bloomberg's money from this week's fundraiser to protect pro-gay marriage Republicans will be similarly futile in 2012.

Bottom line ... yes, money matters. But voters matter more!

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