Alesi: In 2009, I Voted "NO" When I Meant "YES"


Chelsea Now reports on Sen. Jim Alesi's hypocrisy in 2009.

He voted NO at the time and now claims he actually wanted to vote YES:

As the State Senate Republican minority prepared to enter the chamber for the December 2, 2009 vote on marriage equality, James Alesi, a GOP member from the Rochester area, told his colleagues, “I’m voting no. If anyone votes yes, I’m going to quit the Senate.”

That was not because Alesi was a diehard gay marriage opponent. Far from it.

Instead, he explained at an October 18 panel hosted by the New York Times, senators knew ahead of time that the votes for passage were not there.

He says now, in 2011:

“This was the best vote [for SSM] I’ve ever taken in 20 years, and I’ll go to my grave with that,” he said.

More importantly, he has to go to the voters with that in 2012.

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