EWTN: NY Senators Seen As Vulnerable for Turning Against Marriage



A group of New York state senators who switched positions to support redefining marriage may be vulnerable in primary elections, despite financial backing from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others.

"These senators campaigned with the promise that they would not vote to redefine marriage. Mark Grisanti, in fact, went as far as to promise churches that he would never vote to redefine marriage," said Christopher Plante, northeast regional coordinator for the National Organization for Marriage.

"But when they were shown the money, and they began to do the money dance, they betrayed their people's vote - for the money. Therein lies the problem."

On NOM's Let the People Vote billboard campaign:

"The 'You're Next' message points directly back to the Ninth Congressional District, and Bob Turner," explained Plante. "Mr. Turner upset David Weprin in a seat that had been held by Democrats for something like nine decades. And marriage was one of the key issues in that race."

"David Weprin had been in the assembly and voted to redefine marriage. The Orthodox Jewish community, and many other marriage protectors, stood up and voted him out."

Plante believes the four senators whose votes achieved the legal redefinition of marriage will pay for switching sides after their election.

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