Gay Activists/ACLU Applaud "Peoria Solution" Ending Catholic Foster Care


Gay activists are crowing because one Catholic diocese in Illinois has ended its legal battle to preserve the freedom to place kids with a mom and dad, choosing instead to transfer the 300+ children in their care to a new outfit that will do adoptions to same-sex couples (the three remaining Catholic dioceses continue to pursue legal recourse):

New Civil Rights Movement: "...if a diocese can make the serious and sober decision that it needs to reconfigure itself out from under Catholic orthodoxy in order to best serve children in need, then at least some well-​meaning Catholics understand the competing demands of doctrine and reality..."

The ACLU: "The new organization will not be bound by the religious tenets asserted by Catholic Charities, and instead will follow the law and DCFS' mandate requiring that the state's wards have the opportunity to be cared for by all potential caring and qualified foster and adoptive parents, including gays and lesbians."