NH SSM Repeal Bill Sponsor: Governor Lynch Lied to the People



The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee voted 11-6 along party lines today to send a bill restoring the definition of “marriage” as the union of one man and one woman to the full House after Christmas.

The bill — HB 437, sponsored by Rep. David Bates — would also expand the state’s civil-union law to any two unmarried adults, even if they’re related.

“I have no apologies for my current efforts to correct a bad policy decision,” Bates told the media before the committee convened. “I, and many people in New Hampshire, believe that those who pushed through this law in 2009 simply did not have the right to redefine marriage for our entire society.”

... Approximately 75 percent of the 400 legislators in the state’s House of Representatives are Republicans — many of whom ran on platforms of restoring the definition of marriage. Given that, HB 437 has good prospects of eventually landing on Gov. John Lynch’s desk next year — and he will almost certainly veto it.

“The governor in his previous campaign said he would not support same-sex marriage, but when the bill came to him, he reversed his position and signed it,” Bates told CitizenLink. “The governor lied to the people. It never should have happened.”