EMERGENCY ALERT! DOMA Repeal Hearing Next Week – Sign the Petition Today!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

If you're reading this email, I need your help today. Everyone.

San Francisco liberals like Diane Feinstein can't stand the fact that the American people have voted to protect marriage in 31 consecutive state votes. So they are pushing a bill in Congress that would do an end run on voters, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), jeopardizing every state constitutional marriage amendment and opening the door for courts to force same-sex marriage on the entire nation.

Senate Democrats have just scheduled a hearing on Senator Feinstein's DOMA Repeal bill. Next Thursday, November 3rd, the Judiciary Committee will debate whether to recognize same-sex marriages under federal law, at the same time eliminating protections for states that do not recognize same-sex marriages.

All ten Democrats on the 18-member Judiciary Committee have already co-sponsored Sen. Feinstein's bill. With your help, we can let them know just how out-of-touch with reality they are. Use this link to send an email to the entire Judiciary Committee, urging them to oppose the DOMA Repeal bill.

Thanks to last November's election, and Speaker Boehner's stalwart defense of marriage, the DOMA Repeal bill is likely dead on arrival in the House. But it's critical that we block it in the Senate, and not allow marriage opponents to build momentum for repeal.


Together, we can protect DOMA and block Senator Feinstein from imposing her San Francisco values on the entire nation, but only if we all do our part today.

Proud to be standing with you,

Brian Brown

Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage