Jason Adkins Answers "Why A Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment? Why Now?"


Jason Adkins of the Minnesota Catholic Conference:

...Love and commitment are necessary for marriage, but not sufficient. Society has an interest in supporting and sustaining a legal institution that is fundamentally about begetting children, attaches those children to their parents, and carries with it social norms of permanence and fidelity — which research clearly indicates are indispensable to a child’s well-being.

In fact, a recent study from the Social Trends Institute confirms what we know from Catholic social teaching: the long-term success and economic prosperity of societies depends upon the health of intact families.

So, the next time you are asked how redefining marriage hurts you, you can say that marriage is not just about the private relationship of two people, but a public institution that affects all of us, our children and the future of our community.

The Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment ensures that judges and politicians do not have the final say about marriage in Minnesota.