UK Association Who Demoted Christian Over Facebook Marriage Comments Feared Losing Gay Rights Award


The UK Christian Institute:

[Adrian Smith] appealed against the disciplinary decision but his bosses wrote to him rejecting his appeal, adding that his comments “had the potential to seriously undermine the Albert Kennedy Accreditation, which we were proud to receive last year”.

The Albert Kennedy Trust is a homeless and housing crisis charity for homosexuals. It awards a ‘quality mark’ to housing providers that satisfactorily meet “the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people”.

The letter also told Mr Smith that, whilst he has a right to preach in churches, he could face further action if he was recognised or linked with the Trust.

Some gay rights activists are also criticizing the decision to demote Mr. Smith over his Facebook comments:

At the weekend a gay rights group criticised Trafford Housing Trust and urged the Trust to give Mr Smith his job back.

Sharon Ferguson, Chief Executive of The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, said: “Trafford Housing may have acted with the best of intentions here, but we believe they have overreacted and very much hope that they will reinstate Adrian Smith.”

Last week homosexual activist Peter Tatchell said that Trafford Housing Trust was being “excessive and disproportionate”.