Mario Diaz On Senators Ignoring Their Constituents By Trying to Overturn DOMA


Mario Diaz is legal counsel for Concerned Women for America, and writes in the Washington Times:

Someone has to say something about it. Shortly, the SenateJudiciary Committee is expected to consider a bill that seeks to undermine the will of the majority of Americans and force states to recognize same-sex “marriages,” no matter how states have voted on the issue. Although the committee vote may be delayed, the mere fact that this bill is being pushed through shows how little respect some liberal senators have for “We the people.”

Take Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, who introduced the bill in the Senate. In 2008, Californians voted decisively to preserve marriage as the union between one man and one woman in the state constitution. Yet by introducing the Respect for Marriage Act, Mrs. Feinstein seeks to force her own constituents to recognize same-sex “marriages” and any other marriage that some other state decides to sanction, whether polygamous, incestuous or whatever, in violation of their own constitution.

Whatever you think about the merits of same-sex “marriage,” I think we can all agree that a senator should not come to Washington to work against the will of the people of her own state.

Other Democratic senators co-sponsoring this legislation in spite of their constituents voting to protect marriage in their state constitution are Barbara Boxer of California, Mark Udall and Michael F. Bennet of Colorado, Daniel K. Inouye and Daniel K. Akaka of Hawaii, Carl Levin of Michigan, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley of Oregon, and Herb Kohl of Wisconsin.

Shame on them.