Girl Scouts of Colorado Says Boys Aren't Allowed


Erin Skarda's biased coverage for Time magazine still includes some interesting quotes:

Seven-year-old Bobby Montoya likes to play with dolls and wear girls' clothes. But it's his "boy parts" that led a Colorado Girl Scouts leader to deny him entry to the group, despite the fact that he identifies as a girl.

... Archuleta has supported Bobby in letting him dress and behave as he likes, telling ABC News, "I believe he was born in the wrong body." She even threw him a Rapunzel-themed party for his seventh birthday.

... "They haven't called me directly," Archuleta told ABC News on Thursday. "When I talked to the top [person], I said Bobby wants to be in the Girl Scouts, but have a different leader. She never called me back and only said they would give [the local leader who rejected him] sensitivity classes."