CA School Officials Prevent Parent From Making "Rainbow Day" More Inclusive


The Pacific Justice Institute:

Opening legal briefs have been filed in the California Court of Appeal, arguing that San José school officials broke the law by refusing to even consider a parent’s request to change a controversial pro-gay celebration at her child’s middle school.

The parent, Norina Mooney, started asking questions after a pro-LGBT “Rainbow Day” was held this spring at Castillero Middle School. She asked district officials to place an item on the school board’s agenda which, if approved, would have directed the school to make Rainbow Day more inclusive of non-LGBT students affected by bullying.

... School officials may have thought they succeeded in avoiding the issue, but they actually broke the law, according to Mooney’s lead attorney Kevin Snider, who is also Chief Counsel of the Pacific Justice Institute. “California law says that citizens may place items directly on school board agendas for discussion and a vote. That did not happen here,” Snider said.