NY Clerk Belforti Subjected to Online Abuse, Calls for Business Boycotts


Patrick Krey, president of Catholic Attorneys for Life and Liberty, writes in the New American:

Rose Marie Belforti, a part-time town clerk for the small town of Ledyard, a rural farming community in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, won her reelection on Tuesday, November 8; however, her struggle is just beginning. The soft-spoken Belforti finds herself on the frontline in the battle between the aggressive same-sex-marriage promoters and those who uphold traditional values.

... The mild-mannered Belforti, a grandmother and artisan cheese farmer, has been the subject of almost daily offensive e-mails, phone calls, and other attacks for standing up for her Christian beliefs. The following is a sampling of the remarks from opponents found in the comment section of news articles about her case. A review of them gives the reader an insight into the mindset of those who are vehemently opposed to her:

“Sue the pants off her, fire her, and throw her in jail.”

“Look, Ms. Belforti: You are a PUBLIC SERVANT! No one cares that you follow the false religion Christianity. LOL Ok? If you allow your filthy religion to impede you in your duties, then maybe you should resign.”

“She can go be a religious bigot at her church or to her cows.”

“She should be fired. Religious beliefs have no business in state mandated laws.”

“Ancient mythology and superstition should absolutely determine whether someone should do the job they were hired to do. If the perfomance of the job conflicts with the mythology and superstition ... then plainly ...­ one should not have to do the job. Really? This is what the supporters of Rose Marie Belforti are saying.”

“Lets [sic] bring back the Roman lions for these misguided folks.”

“Find a write-in candidate and vote her out. It's the easiest way to deal with this. THEN go after her business interests. After all SHE is the one who CHOSE to make a political statement here!”

“We can't put her six feet under, but we can put her business six feet under. Stop buying her products whatever they are today. Then she will lose her job and her livelihood.”

As mentioned in the comments above, even with all the venomous attacks already directed at her, there is another effort underway to boycott her meager artisan cheese dairy farm. Removal from office and attempted humiliation are not enough for some; they want to bankrupt her as well. [Any who feel sympathy for Mrs. Belforti's plight may feel free to purchase some of her artisan cheese for their upcoming Thanksgiving feast.]