US Bishops Unveil New Website: "Marriage, Unique For a Reason"


The US Bishops are holding their annual meeting in Baltimore beginning today and one of their first orders of business was to announce a new website to support and educate about the institution of marriage:

What is marriage? Are a man and a woman really essential to marriage? What about the child … and the role of mothers and fathers? Is it discriminatory to defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman? What impact does the redefinition of marriage have on religious liberty?

These are just a few of the many questions about marriage today. They all hinge upon the first question: What is marriage? When the answer to this question is understood, everything else falls into its proper place.

Marriage is unique for a reason. We invite you now to find out why.

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Bishop Cordileone, who has been entrusted with Catholic efforts to protect and promote marriage, said during his presentation:

"In the midst of these various challenges, we continue to be mindful and pray for those efforts seeking to protect the definition of marriage. These include the constitutional amendments protecting marriage in Minnesota and North Carolina, the continued efforts to do the same in Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and efforts to repeal the redefinition of marriage and New Hampshire and Iowa. To all our brother bishops and efforts to protect marriage in these states, thank you for your courage and witness, please count on our continued support and prayers."

The bishops also announced plans to produce and release three new videos on the topic of marriage.