National Organization For Marriage Announces Damian Goddard as Spokesperson of the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2011
Contact: Mary Beth Hutchins (703-683-5004 x.105)

WASHINGTON – "Today we are proud to announce that Damian Goddard has joined NOM's Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance (MADA), to speak on behalf of the rights of decent, loving, law-abiding citizens to speak, to write, to donate, to organize and to act to defend marriage," stated Brian Brown, president of NOM, announcing a new spokesperson for the group whose goal is to create a supportive community for those who have been threatened for standing for marriage.

Damian Goddard, a former sportscaster for the Canadian network Rogers Sportsnet, lost his job after tweeting his support of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. After a career of nearly 20 years spanning both radio and television sports broadcasting, and at the time one of the leading anchors on Sportsnet, Goddard was immediately fired for voicing his view on marriage.

"I expected that they would try to force me to recant, write an apology, would threaten a suspension, or give me a 'slap on the wrist' of some sort. Instead, just seconds into our meeting, I was told I was out of a job." explains Goddard. "We cannot stay silent on this, we have hope and a message and we cannot just sit back and be silent. Marriage is a unique institution and we must become involved."

Now Goddard has taken on a new role, as spokesman for MADA, giving a voice to others who have faced pressure to remain silent on the marriage issue. "In the sports world, no matter the sport, if you sit back and relax and you are going to lose. The National Organization for Marriage and MADA are giving people the voice they need to fight back, and, while I wish I had not been fired from my former job, I am thrilled to be able to be a part of this effort," said Goddard.

See Damian Goddard tell his story in his own words here.

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