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The First Amendment Not Only Protects Free Speech, But the Right Not to be Coerced into Speech

Dr. Frank Turek is an award-winning author and courageous marriage defender who was fired - twice! - for his beliefs. With his unique perspective, he makes a point to speak out often about the importance of our first amendment rights.

Check out Frank's latest article on New Mexican photographer Elane Huguenin, who was sued by a same-sex couple after standing strong on her marriage beliefs as well.

Frank Turek's StoryAlthough the lesbian couple that brought the complaint easily found another photographer, Elane Photography now must pay nearly $7,000 in court costs for merely exercising her First Amendment rights.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was put in place to prevent exactly what the New Mexico Supreme Court has done: using the strong arm of government to force citizens to advocate (not just tolerate) ideas and behaviors that contradict their religious or moral convictions. Forcing people to support same sex weddings or commitment ceremonies is forcing them to advocate same sex behavior.

Even the U.N. Human Rights Committee recognizes a universal human right not to be coerced into advocating any idea. (You know our country is stuck on stupid when our courts are getting human rights lessons from the U.N.!)

Now, if you justify this decision because you disagree with Elane Photography's religious or moral position, you're not thinking like an American (or a U.N. person). Imagine a homosexual videographer being forced to video a speech that a conservative makes against homosexual behavior and same sex marriage. Should that homosexual videographer be forced to do so? Of course not! Then why Elane Photography?

It is important to understand that Elane Photography was not refusing service because of the "sexual orientation" or sexual attractions of the couple. In fact, Elane Photography was happy to work with lesbian clients on other projects that did not involve advocating homosexual behavior (for example, taking professional head shots). In this case however, she declined service because she did not want to use her artistic talents to advocate sexual actions that went against her moral and religious beliefs.

Finish reading at The Christian Post.

85% of Americans Say Christian Photographer Has Right to Refuse Same-Sex Ceremony

We've heard a lot of stories recently about people of faith being forced to compromise their religious beliefs over same-sex marriage (bakery owners in Oregon, a florist in Washington state, innkeepers in Vermont...). But a new Rasmussen poll shows the vast majority of Americans are highly opposed to business owners being penalized or sued for running their business according to their own personal beliefs and values.

In fact, just 8% of the population answered "no" when asked the question "Suppose a Christian wedding photographer has deeply held religious beliefs opposing same-sex marriage. If asked to work a same-sex wedding ceremony, should that wedding photographer have the right to say no?"

Wedding PhotographerMore Republicans (96 percent) than Democrats (77 percent) agreed with the photographer's right to deny a gay wedding request. Ninety-seven percent of evangelical Christians and 92 percent of weekly churchgoers said the same. But even 88 percent of atheists agreed that the photographer has the right to say no.

This comes four months after the latest development in the famous Willock v. Elane Photography case, where Vanessa Willock and her partner, Misti Collinsworth, sued Christian couple Elaine and Jon Huguenin for this very denial in 2006. In 2008, the New Mexico Human Rights Commission found the Huguenins guilty of sexual discrimination, and the New Mexico Court of Appeals upheld this ruling last May.

The Alliance Defense Fund, which defended the Huguenins and their company, Elane Photography LLC, has taken their case to the New Mexico Supreme Court. The court heard ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence's oral arguments on March 11. On Wednesday, an ADF spokesman told CP that "ADF attorneys are still waiting for the decision from the New Mexico Supreme Court." -Christian Post

Business owners and employees should never be threatened with legal action for abiding by the tenets of their faith. If you or anyone you know has been threatened, harassed, or intimidated because you believe in the truth about marriage, we want to hear your story. You are not alone.

After Being Fired for His Beliefs, Frank Turek Helps Other Marriage Supporters in Similar Positions

Remember Dr. Frank Turek? Dr. Turek is an award-winning author and leadership consultant who was abruptly fired from both Bank of America and Cisco Systems in 2011 after someone Googled his name and discovered that he had written a book entitled Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone.

Keep in mind, Dr. Turek's political and religious views were never expressed or even mentioned during his work with either company! (Hear more of Dr. Turek's story in his own words on our Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance website.)

Now, he's helping to equip others who may find themselves in the same position:

Frank Turek's StoryFrank Turek is equipping Christians to look at moral issues confronting America and how to respond successfully from a Christian worldview at the 2013 20th Annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics, “Reasons for the Hope,” presented by Southern Evangelical Seminary and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. The conference is set for Oct. 11-12 at First Baptist Church Indian Trail near Charlotte, N.C.

In light of all that has taken place on the marriage front this summer, Turek’s story is of interest to many. How he handled himself in this setting, as you will see, is a perfect example of Christian apologetics in action.

Turek went about his job as a leadership consultant at Cisco Systems with commitment and passion. In fact, he got such high marks for a yearlong program he conducted in 2008 that he was asked back in 2010.

Another 10 sessions of leadership and team-building programming were scheduled, and Turek and his students were through the seventh session when a manager for Cisco who was enrolled in the class issued a complaint against Turek. And because of that complaint, the relationship between Cisco and Turek was terminated.

The student phoning in the complaint had never read the book but Googled Turek after class. In his complaint, the manager said that although Turek never discussed his views in class, his beliefs were inconsistent with Cisco’s tolerance policies and couldn’t be ... tolerated.

The manager then contacted an experienced human resources professional at Cisco who had Turek fired that day without ever speaking to him. The HR professional also commended the manager for “outing” Turek.

MADADo you have similar story? If you've been threatened, harassed, or made to feel afraid because you believe marriage is the union of husband and wife, you're not alone. And the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance is here to help. Share your story.

(All communications with MarriageADA will be kept strictly confidential. You may share your story anonymously. Help us create an America in which no decent, loving, law-abiding citizen feels afraid to speak up for marriage!)

Colorado Baker Faces Year in Jail for Refusing to Make Cake for Gay Wedding


Baker-JailAccording to attorney Nicolle Martin, the owners of a Colorado bakery could face a year in prison for refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding, Jim Hoft reported at the Gateway Pundit Monday.

“The complainants can sue him civilly in the regular courts system or he can potentially be prosecuted by the district attorney for up to twelve months in jail,” Martin told Hoft.

...The Advocate said the Colorado Civil Rights Commission is set to hear the case in September.

No News From Supreme Court, But There's Some Other Good News

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The US Supreme Court briefly convened this morning but did not issue its rulings in either the Proposition 8 or DOMA cases. They will reconvene again tomorrow, and very likely at least one other day this week. We expect the marriage cases to be the final decisions issued this term, and we will be at the Court each day waiting for their decision.

Meanwhile, we got some other good news from a federal court. You may recall the video our Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance produced last year featuring the case of Daniel Glowacki. Daniel refused to speak approvingly in class about homosexual conduct when his gay activist teacher attempted to use an "anti-bullying" day to promote homosexuality in the classroom. Daniel was kicked out of class for adhering to his Catholic beliefs about the true nature of human sexuality. His teacher angrily told him that he had lost his right to free speech once he entered his classroom.

Well, last week Daniel won his case to defend his right to speak his views in a classroom discussion on homosexuality.

Please join us in congratulating Daniel and his mother for having the courage to speak the truth about his religious beliefs and for standing up to a teacher who bullies his students. You can write your own words of thanks and encouragement to Daniel and his mother here and we will be sure to deliver them.

Please also make a financial contribution to help us produce more videos highlighting the cases of average Americans who stand in the public square for the truth of marriage and human sexuality, and suffer consequences as a result.

Everyone has the right to free speech, including people of faith who believe in the truth about marriage and sexuality.

We're Told These Things Will Never Happen: But They Already Do!

Hawaii's First Circuit Court has ruled in favor of a lesbian couple against the owner of the Aloha Bed & Breakfast, alleging that the religious owner "discriminated" against the couple for not renting them a room.

The Blaze reports the Bed & Breakfast owner's attorney, Jim Hochberg, saying that "[t]he public needs to be aware of this decision because it has far-reaching consequences," and because it ignores the owner's First Amendment rights.

Of course, while lawsuits such as this are becoming ever more frequent, yet still same-sex marriage activists claim redefining marriage will have no impact on anyone's religious freedom or basic rights.

But they know as well as we do that cases such as this one are only more frequent and harder to fight against where marriage is redefined.

NEW Marriage ADA Video: A Warning for Parents and Educators!

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Third grade classrooms having pretend same-sex weddings… textbooks featuring pictures of cross-dressing carpenters… children being taught that there are "six genders."

"If same-sex marriage is passed in your state, your children—your grandchildren—will be exposed to the same kind of instruction."

That's what educator and marriage supporter Phil Lees says in our latest Marriage ADA interview.

He worked for years in the public education system in Ontario, Canada, and saw first-hand—only one year after same-sex marriage was legalized in 2005—18 school boards in Ontario instituting school curricula that affirmed and promoted LGBT "values," including same-sex marriage.

Click here to watch Phil's incredible first-hand report of what he witnessed as a public school educator in Canada.

Phil's story needs to be spread far and wide. In every place where NOM has fought the legalization of same-sex marriage here in the United States, our opponents have falsely promised that it will not affect the innocence of children.

But in every place marriage has been redefined, we have seen a powerful movement begin to use the schools to teach children about same-sex unions, intentionally confusing them about the unique and complimentary role of mothers and fathers.

Supporter, as this educator points out, one of the problems is that people of faith sometimes withdraw from the system and cede control to activists bent on promoting values that we know to be harmful to children and to society.

We cannot let this happen to our kids in America!

Together, we can create a better future for our kids.

You and I know that when people of faith stand up and fight to protect marriage, becoming more actively involved in the education of our children, we can fight back against the threats posed by those who would promote same-sex marriage and other harmful "values" in our schools.

Please watch this new video right away and then forward this email to family and friends to help us reach as many people as possible with this urgent and critically important message.

PS: If you haven't done so yet, please take a moment to join the thousands of Americans who have signed the Marriage Petition to the Justices of the Supreme Court: And share it with your friends!

NEW VIDEO: Military Chaplains Under Fire!

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, President Obama is doing everything in his power to undermine the Defense of Marriage Act by pushing an aggressive, pro-gay marriage agenda in the military.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the individuals most directly and severely affected by the President's actions are heroic military chaplains.

Click here to watch a powerful new Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance video where military chaplains speak out about how they are coming under fire from their own Commander in Chief.

Again we clearly see how redefining marriage puts the First Amendment rights of pro-marriage individuals and institutions in jeopardy.

Supporter, with the United States Supreme Court about to hear two historic cases this month—cases that could determine the very future of marriage in America—it is critical that we get the word out about how far-reaching and damaging the consequences are when marriage is undermined and redefined.

Be sure to watch this incredible new video right now about the threats facing our military chaplains, and share it with your family and friends. This message must be spread far and wide.

And please, if you are able, make a donation today of $35, $50, $100, or even $500 to help the National Organization for Marriage bring to light the real-life consequences of redefining marriage for everyday, faithful Americans like you and me.

Please also don't forget to share this video so that more Americans can see what the stakes are for marriage at this critical time in our nation's history. Use the buttons below to promote this video through Facebook, Twitter, or by emailing it to your friends:

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Thank you so much for standing up for marriage and helping us get the word out about the threats we face.

UK Equality Commission Says Christian Registrars Won't Be Able to Opt Out of Licensing S-S Couples


Christian registrars will not be able to opt out of performing marriages for gay couples because registrars are deemed to be public officials, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said.

Giving evidence this week to a committee of MPs that are studying the (Marriage Same Sex Couples) Bill for England and Wales, the EHRC declared that although religious institutions are likely to face no legal sanctions for refusing to marry gay couples, public registrars, who perform civil partnerships and marriages on behalf of the state will be expected to comply fully with the new legislation.

Video: Oregon Baker Under Attack for Refusing to Bake S-S Wedding Cake

The owner cites his biblical understanding of marriage in the interview, while the Department of Justice is examining the allegations made against him by the woman who was refused a cake:

From the segment voiceover:

What Aaron and his wife want to make clear is that he don't hate homosexuals, in fact, quite the opposite: "I have no problem with them I have customers who come in almost on a weekly basis who are homosexual. I have no problem, they can buy my stuff I sell stuff I talk with them I mean it's fine." What's not fine, according to Aaron, is a marriage between people of the same sex. He says he'll always stand by that conviction. "I'd rather have my kids see their dad stand up for what he believed in then to see him bow down because one person complained."

NEW VIDEO: Why We Must Not Lose at the Supreme Court

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Last week, I sent you a note about NOM's newly redesigned website,

Today I want to share with you a video reminding us how important it is that we remain active and engaged to demonstrate America's support for marriage leading up to the Supreme Court's consideration of this pivotal case. This new Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance video interview shows what the consequences of losing this battle could be.

Dr. Steve Tourloukis was forced to sue the government of Canada for his right as a parent to determine how to best educate his own children!

Click here to watch this incredible new video today!

We have seen, time and time again, that wherever marriage is redefined, the rights of religious individuals and institutions are put in jeopardy by government fiat. There is no middle ground — either our rights are respected, or they are threatened and eradicated.

When marriage is redefined, people like you and me who believe that it takes a man and a woman to make a marriage are treated under the law as the functional equivalent of racists and bigots.

Marriage Supporter, these are the stakes of the battle that has now made its way to the Supreme Court.

Please watch this video right now and seriously consider making a confidential, tax-deductible donation of $25, $50, $100 or even $500 to the NOM Education Fund today, so that together we can fight back against the dangerous imposition of the radical same-sex marriage agenda.

We can win this fight, but only if we have the means to give marriage the defense it both needs and deserves.

Video: European Court of Human Rights Cases Discussed on BBC News

The BBC reviews the decisions made in the cases of four Christians, three of whom lost their bids to defend their conscience rights:

Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal Centre says at one point: "... in the case of Lillian Ladele, [there was never] any refusal of a service to any homosexual couple. So I think here we have to really get a sense of perspective on what is happening, what have the English courts said? They've said this: your freedom to manifest your faith is your freedom to resign. Well of course that's no freedom at all."

European Court of Human Rights Dismisses Case of British Christian Who Wished to Opt Out of Administering S-S Civil Partnerships

A defeat for the rights of a Christian, Lillian Ladele, who lives in Britain, and her case now sets a precedent for other European countries:

"...cases [heard by the European Court of Human Rights] involved nurse Shirley Chaplin, 57, whose employer also stopped her wearing necklaces with a cross, Gary McFarlane, 51, a marriage counsellor sacked after saying he might object to giving sex therapy advice to gay couples, and registrar Lillian Ladele who was disciplined after she refused to conduct same-sex civil partnership ceremonies."

... Ms Ladele was disciplined by Islington Council, in north London, after saying she did not want to conduct same-sex civil partnership ceremonies. Her lawyers said the service could have been performed by other employees who were prepared to carry them out.

ECHR judges said the council's action was legitimate as it was obliged to consider the rights of same-sex couples.

Mike Judge, of the Christian Institute, which backed Ms Ladele's case, said: "What this case shows is that Christians with traditional beliefs about marriage are at risk of being left out in the cold." (BBC)

Victory: Angela McCaskill Reinstated After Signing Maryland Marriage Petition

The university quietly reinstated Angela McCaskill over the holiday recess, after some gay marriage activists called for her to be fired simply for petitioning to allow the people of Maryland to vote on the question of marriage:

Gallaudet University has reinstated its chief diversity officer after a 3-month paid suspension for signing a petition circulated by opponents of gay marriage in Maryland.
University President T. Alan Hurwitz announced the reinstatement of Angela McCaskill in an email to the campus community on Monday. The statement doesn't elaborate on the reasons for the reinstatement, and university officials declined further comment.

Gallaudet is the nation's leading university for the deaf and hard of hearing, and the Washington campus has a prominent gay community. McCaskill was placed on leave in October after administrators became aware that she had signed the petition. The petition drive led to a referendum on gay marriage in Maryland, where McCaskill lives. Voters upheld the law, and same-sex couples began marrying in the state this month.

“I am not anti-gay. I never have been and I never will be,” says McCaskill. (AP)

Two Gay Men Sue Christian Preschool in New Mexico for Damages

The school says on its website they offer a "Christian environment with an emphasis on teaching Biblical principles and truths" and yet these two gay men chose to sue the school for "compensatory and punitive damages" when they denied their child's application to attend:

"A homosexual couple has sued a Christian preschool in New Mexico after the school had accepted the three-year-old boy the two men are raising as their son, only to reject the child later. In their complaint the two men, Joseph Romero and John Keelin, allege that officials at Hope Christian School in Albuquerque first accepted their three-year-old son, then sent them a denial letter when the school realized the boy's parents were homosexual.

In the lawsuit, the two men claim that they “were even told that a new student packet has been prepared for him and that the school was expecting to get acceptance letters out the following week.” But shortly after that notification, the two “received a denial letter on April 16, 2010,” the complaint continues. “Upon further inquiry, the school sent a letter dated June 13, 2012 to plaintiffs' attorney. The letter indicated that the school denied admission to plaintiffs' son because plaintiffs were a same gender couple and that, as a result, their home was inconsistent with the school's beliefs.” (The New American)