BREAKING - Switchboards are lighting up, on BOTH SIDES! Please help!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Ever since the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, an all-out war over marriage has broken out in Washington.

The Human Rights Campaign — the deep-pocketed anti-marriage lobbying group that is determined to force same-sex marriage on every state in the nation — delivered thousands of anti-DOMA petitions to the Senate, and are urging their same-sex marriage activists to call their elected officials in droves.

Thanks to our generous supporters like you, NOM has taken the fight right back to our opponents, but now is no time to quit.

That's why I am asking you to please take two immediate actions:

First, if you haven't already, contact the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak with your Senator. Demand that your Senators vote against repealing DOMA (Senate Bill 598). Tell them you are paying attention, and you expect them to protect marriage. Then, you can email them here:

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Second, make one urgent, generous gift to NOM using our secure credit card donation form.

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Both actions are important, because the anti-marriage crusaders are using a slick, well-funded lobbying and publicity campaign to repeal DOMA, which is the only federal statute protecting states against radical lawsuits challenging marriage.

Your generous donations and your grassroots energy are our only way of fighting back!

This is the first time in history that a Senate Committee has passed anti-DOMA legislation. And if they succeed in sending this bill to President Obama's desk, he will sign it.

If that happens, it will be the absolute destruction of marriage in your state, in my state, in all 50 states!

Your two U.S. Senators can put a stop to this madness, so make sure they hear from you, TODAY.

And please make one urgent financial gift to help NOM lead this fight in Washington.

Thank you in advance.

Keep fighting the good fight!


Brian Brown

Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

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