Staff Resign From Student Newspaper After "Controversial" Article Criticizing Same-Sex Adoption Published


The editor of MercatorNet explains what happened:

MercatorNet has a "creative commons" republication policy - nearly all of our articles may be reproduced so long as the original source is acknowledged. This is what Rebekah Hebbert, the managing editor of a Canadian site based at McGill University, the Prince Arthur Herald, did with a recent article on same-sex adoption by Rick Fitzgibbons. (She is also an occasional contributor.)

The outcome was explosive. At least four editors and ten writers resigned from the staff and Rebekah appeared on national television explaining her decision to run what was described by her critics as garbage and bigotry.

... Rebekah's impression was that her colleagues had resigned because of fears that their careers would be tainted by homophobia.

The local McGill Daily adds more to the story.