Minnesota Rep on the "Desperate Argument" that Gay Marriage is an Economic Stimulus


Rep. Steve Drazkowski counters the desperate argument that redefining marriage will help a state's budget:

To the contrary, the facts show that states with a marriage protection amendment are our top performing economic states. For example, eight of the top 10 “best states for business.” according to a survey of 556 CEO’s by Chief Executive Magazine. have a state marriage amendment in their constitution.

Nor will the amendment hurt our economy. According to a new study by the Social Trends Institute, marriage and family have a tremendous effect on the economy – and government and corporations should take bold steps to encourage each if they want to remain economically fit.

The report “Sustainable Demographic Dividend: What Do Marriage and Fertility Have to Do with the Economy?” concludes that family decisions, like marriage, are closely intertwined with economic growth and profitability of large sectors of an economy. The report emphasized that children, raised in married, mother-father families, have an advantage when it comes to acquiring the skills and social capital they need to become well-adjusted, productive workers.

Children, raised in married, mother-father families play a huge factor in the health of the economy because they consume many services and goods, especially in child care, groceries, health care, home maintenance, household products, insurance and juvenile products. -- Red Wing Republican Eagle