UK Op-Ed: With £42 Billion Annual Cost to Taxpayers, Family Breakdown Demands Coherent Family Policy


The Relationships Foundation in the UK writes:

Commenting on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Michael Trend, Executive Director of the Relationships Foundation said:

“With a £42 billion annual on-cost to the taxpayer for family breakdown – double the cost of alcohol abuse, quadruple the cost of tobacco abuse, it is time the Government had a real family policy.”

“Financial pressure contributes to family breakdown. With nursery places, rail fare regulation, and fuel duty changes this government is beginning to recognise the pressure successive governments have put on ordinary families.”

“But it is not all about financial pressure. If the Government wants to deliver on its outcomes, to bring public spending down, and to make UK tax and skills sustainable and competitive in the long term, it has to put family at the heart of policy making.”

“Investment in our social infrastructure is as vital as spending on physical infrastructure. Growth is about making Britain the most family friendly country in Europe – a pledge the Government has left to rot.”