Ed Whelan: Stay is "further compelling evidence that [Judge] Walker has gone utterly bonkers"


From Ed Whelan’s reflections on the 9th Circuit stay order in the Prop 8 case, over at NRO Bench Memos:

The Ninth Circuit’s grant of a stay of Judge Walker’s judgment pending appeal provides yet further compelling evidence that Walker has gone utterly bonkers in his egregious mishandling of this case. Walker’s denial of the stay threatened to dramatically alter the status quo before a higher court could even review his radical ruling. Walker must have been thoroughly intoxicated by his own bias to imagine that his denial would stand. . . .

To be sure, there’s propaganda value in the fawning media coverage that Walker’s trial and ruling have received—all the more so as the media have mindlessly parroted Walker’s and Olson’s wild distortions of allegedly (but not in fact) damning concessions by Charles Cooper, counsel for Prop 8 proponents. . . . But despite their massive advantage in resources, Olson and Boies have lost to Cooper and his team on every issue that has been decided by any court other than Walker’s.

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