Brian Brown in Newsweek


NOM President Brian Brown had this to say about the Prop 8 case in the August 17 issue of Newsweek:

"The fact that the most liberal court  in the country just decided to rein in Judge Walker clearly shows how extreme his decision was," Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, tells NEWSWEEK. He says that the expedited schedule simply means the court wants to move quickly, and that he expects opponents of gay marriage to appeal to the Supreme Court if the Ninth Circuit does not rule in their favor. Once there, he expects victory: "Marriage as the union of one man and one woman will be upheld by the Supreme Court. Judge Walker's decision is so biased, and so unrooted in precedent, that it is destined to be overturned by any fair judge." In a widely circulated statement, Brown wrote: "One way or another, the people of California will get their day in court, and we expect the U.S. Supreme Court, or Congress if necessary, to defend our right to vote for marriage."

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