An Email that Proves Emmer is Telling the Truth?


There are still many questions to be answered in the Tom Emmer v. Hamline U. dispute, but Alex Friedrich of Minnesota Public Radio posts one email from the university to Emmer which seems to corroborate Emmer's version of what happened:

Craig: I am the new Department Chair under which Business law falls. For the spring we are offering a session during the day and Tom Emmer is going to teach it. This is Tom’s first time teaching the course. I have given him a copy of your syllabus but am hoping you would be able to let him know exactly what text you are using and anything else that might be helpful for him.  I have copied him on this email so you can reply to all. I understand you have been teaching this course in the evenings and I intend to continue that practice. We don’t currently have an evening section for spring but if there is sufficient enrollment, we may add one. Otherwise, it will be back on the books for fall.



Kristen Norman-Major

Associate Professor and Chair
Director of Public Admininstration Programs
Managing Editor, JPAE
Department of Organizational Leadership and Public Policy
Hamline University School of Business