Santorum Surge? Bob Vander Plaats and Chuck Hurley Endorse


The New York Times The Caucus blog on two major endorsements of Rick Santorum by prominent Iowa social conservative leaders:

Two weeks before the Republican nominating contest opens at the Iowa caucuses, former SenatorRick Santorum of Pennsylvania has won a highly coveted endorsement from one of the state’s social conservative leaders.

Bob Vander Plaats, who has sought to put his imprint on the Republican presidential race for months, announced Tuesday that he would support Mr. Santorum. Mr. Vander Plaats and other evangelical Christians have talked openly about their struggle to unite behind one candidate, but he urged others to follow his lead.

Mr. Santorum, campaigning Tuesday in Pella, Iowa, said the endorsement demonstrates how evangelicals in the state increasingly “see this as the campaign that is going to be the conservative alternative.”

... Chuck Hurley, president of the Iowa Family Policy Center, which opposes same-sex marriage, also endorsed Mr. Santorum. “I urge every undecided Iowa caucusgoer to take a close look at Rick, to study the scriptures, to pray hard,” Mr. Hurley said. “For above all, we answer to God for our vote.