Self-Described "Staunch Democrat" Writes in Support of Emmer


John Jackson writes to the Star Tribune:

Though I am a staunch Democrat, it is disappointing to see Hamline refuse to hire a conservative because of his political beliefs.

Fifty years ago, pacifist and socialist University of Minnesota Prof. Mulford Sibley drew controversy with the following statement: "Personally, I should like to see on campus one or two Communist professors, a chapter of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, a society for the promotion of free love, a League for the Overthrow of Government by Jeffersonian Violence (LOGJV), an anti-automation league, and perhaps a nudist club."

Some of these organizations were pure myth. The U did not endorse the organizations listed, but defended Sibley's belief in academic freedom and diversity of opinion. Hamline should take a lesson.

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