Watch the Media Invent A False Narrative on Romney and Santorum


Reuters asks the question: will Santorum's rise draw Romney into the culture wars?

"The sudden rise of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who has emphasized his Christian faith on the campaign trail, is threatening to draw front-runner Mitt Romney into difficult territory - the culture wars."

It begins with the false premise that:

"Romney has talked about job creation on a daily basis, bashed Democratic President Barack Obama relentlessly, and cast himself as an experienced businessman who can fix the economy since launching his second bid for the White House in June. He has steered far away from divisive social issues like abortion and gay marriage."

Yes Romney, like Santorum, has emphasized jobs and the economy. Duh.

But he has never backed away or downgraded his stance on marriage. He's been rather good at debate--more comfortable than most other candidates--at defending his views.

The new prominence of "culture war" issues is coming from the ferocity of the attacks directed at Rick Santorum, fanned by the mainstream media.

And unlike what Reuters suggests this will be a net vote-getter for the GOP candidates. This is why Pres. Obama, according to senior advisers, is staying away from endorsing gay marriage before the election. He knows the issue will cost him votes and gain ones for the GOP.