Cumberland, MD Delegation Agrees: Protect Marriage!


The Cumberland Times-News in Maryland:

While the local legislative delegation may not agree on everything, members agree that marriage rights shouldn’t be given to same-sex partners in Maryland.

Sen. George Edwards and delegates Wendell Beitzel, Kevin Kelly and LeRoy Myers Jr. all went on the record opposing same-sex marriage at their prelegislative public meeting Wednesday.

The legislators were responding to a question by Joe Shipley, who is active in the Maryland Family Alliance. Shipley asked each of the legislators to go on the record with his opinion.

“This is not an issue I look at as a political issue,” Shipley said.

Marriage should be limited to a union between one man and one woman, Shipley said.

... Beitzel agreed. “I’m very much opposed to legislation allowing same-sex marriage,” Beitzel said.

Edwards said the Senate took a vote on a same-sex marriage proposal in 2011, “and I opposed it.”

“We are for stronger families and a stronger Maryland,” McBride said. The defense of traditional marriage isn’t just a Baptist issue, but involves all sorts of denominations and religious viewpoints, he said. The Maryland Marriage Alliance is a companion group, McBride said.