Storobin Raises $120K for Special Election to Replace Disgraced Sen. Kruger



Sources close to Republican David Storobin’s campaign tellPoliticker that the candidate has loaned himself $50,000 and raised a healthy $70,000 from donors so far in his quest to replace former State Senator Carl Kruger.

Mr. Kruger resigned before pleading guilty to federal corruption charges less than a month ago, setting up the current vacancy. Mr. Storobin is running his first campaign for elected office and started raising less than three weeks ago, making his fundraising tally a notable haul.

... The resulting fundraising dynamic between Mr. Fidler and Mr. Storobin looks like it might mirror another recent special election in southeastern Brooklyn, where now-Congressman Bob Turner raised less than half of what his Democratic opponent did, and a tiny fraction of all Democratic spending.

Indeed, Congressman Turner’s success is a primary reason for Republican optimism in their chances of taking over the seat once held by Mr. Kruger. Mr. Turner won roughly two votes in this State Senate district for every vote his opponent received, despite the fact that the area is largely Democratic in registration.

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