Economist Says Gay Marriage Undermines New Hampshire's Fiscal Stability


Foster Daily Democrat:

Economist Scott Moody believes the devaluation of marriage through same-sex marriage will eventually ensure a population in New Hampshire where the shrinking, younger generation will no longer be able to support the state's economy.

"At this point, marriage no longer has any meaning," said Moody.

During a Foster's Daily Democrat editorial board meeting on Tuesday, Moody, a member of the leadership and staff team with Cornerstone Policy Research, explained this concern, among other underlying concerns, that may be solved with the passage of HB 437.

The bill currently before the New Hampshire Legislature would repeal the state's same-sex marriage law.

According to Moody, several concerns relating to children's rights and demographics have risen in the last several years. These concerns could be alleviated if the proposed bill to be discussed in February is passed.

... Moody's argument in favor of repealing same-sex marriage in the state remained relatively free of faith and morality based assertions, though he did admit those beliefs were still very much rooted within the foundation of the repealment of the same sex-marriage law in New Hampshire and across the nation.

According to Moody, there all of a sudden seems to be a cultural movement toward same-sex marriage. However, many states, some considered even more liberal than New Hampshire, have repealed the law when given the chance, most notably, he said, Maine. Moody said even in New Hampshire, the same-sex marriage law passed by one vote and was signed into law by a governor he claimed never failed to flip-flop on the issue when discussed.