NOM Pledges to Fight Same-Sex Marriage in Maine



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"What part of ‘no' don't gay marriage advocates understand?"—Brian Brown, NOM President

Augusta—The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), America's leading pro-marriage group, today pledged an all-out battle in Maine to defeat a proposed amendment imposing same-sex marriage in the sate. Voters previously rejected gay marriage in 2009.

"NOM intends to vigorously fight this attempt by same-sex marriage advocates to impose gay marriage in Maine," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "Maine voters rejected gay marriage barely more than two years ago. What part of ‘no' don't gay marriage advocates understand?"

In 2009, voters passed Question One, a "People's Veto" overturning legislation that attempted to legalize gay marriage. NOM spent nearly $2 million on the Question One campaign.

"The people of Maine are not in favor of redefining marriage, as we showed in 2009," Brown said. "Gay advocates are fooling themselves when they say things have changed. Voters still understand that marriage is about more than the desires of adults. They still understand that children need both a mother and father. They understand that same-sex marriage has real consequences for people of faith, small businesses, churches and religious organizations. And they understand that marriage is too important a social institution to be kicked to the curb to satisfy the political demands of a small but powerful and vocal special interest group. We are completely confident that Mainers will oppose this attempt, just as they rejected gay marriage in 2009."

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