Maryland Resident: No Shortage of Reasons to Oppose SSM


David writes to the Baltimore Sun:

... It will bog down the legislative agenda unnecessarily when we have serious issues to address in our state.

We can't afford it. Marriage "fairness" is nothing more than agitating for benefits that the institution of marriage encourages.

Same-sex marriage has been defeated by the people in every state where the issue has gone to the ballot box, and passing the bill will undoubtedly awaken a sleeping giant — the people of Maryland.

The only reason New York allowed same sex marriage is because a few elected officials were turned with money. In Iowa, where liberal judges overturned the people's will to grant same sex marriage, they were promptly voted out of office.

The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled against redefining marriage in 2004, and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller has come out opposing the issue in a year when the governor, the leader of his political party, says it is his signature issue.

Redefining marriage would create untold consequences to hundreds of other laws that depend on marriage status.

Legislators might have more success advocating benefits for civil unions instead. Societies everywhere reject same sex marriage. How are we so smart to overrule what people everywhere else know?