NOM Launches Our Most Powerful TV Ad Yet!


We’ve just released what may very well be our most powerful ad yet . . . Focused on protecting one of our most precious civil rights – the right to vote – the ad traces today’s battle for the right to vote on marriage back to Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous stand and the civil rights movement.

In the Minnesota governor’s race, two of the three candidates want to let unelected judges force same-sex marriage on Minnesotans, with only Republican Tom Emmer standing up for the rights of Minnesota voters. Partnering with the Minnesota Family Council, this new ad campaign holds these politicians accountable, making sure that voters know where their candidates stand on marriage.

Unfortunately the problem isn’t limited to Minnesota. We’re launching ads all across the country, sending a message to out-of-touch politicians that marriage is important to their constituents and people are especially outraged when they are denied the right to vote while unelected judges force same-sex marriage on a state.

And now you have the opportunity to double our ability to fight for you!

A generous group of NOM donors have banded together to offer a $1 Million Challenge Grant, matching every dollar donated to NOM through the end of 2010, up to $1 million.

Please use this link to make a generous gift of $35, $50, $100, or even $500 or more today.