So-called Catholics for Equality is nothing more than HRC-designed Astroturf


Blogger Thomas Peters (American Papist) exposes “the latest in a long string of Catholyc astroturf groups.”  Peters’ reveals that Catholic for Equality, “were intentionally created as a front group by the blatantly anti-Catholic homosexual-activist group (the largest in the nation, in fact): The Human Rights Campaign.”  Quoting an email exchange he had with a board member of this new group as proof of their manufactured nature, Peters goes on to point out that “the leadership and staff of Catholics for Equality reveals that at least three of the members have explicit ties with the Human Rights Campaign.”

The blog posting also quotes Archbishop Timothy Broglio of the military archdiocese who points out: “that according to canon law a group may call itself Catholic if it has been approved by a bishop or recognized by the Holy See in some manner. ‘It is doubtful that the group in question has such approval. Therefore, it cannot be legitimately recognized as Catholic.’”

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