Maryland Pastors React to SSM Vote: "A Wake-Up Call For the Faith Community"


The Washington Post follows the liberal line that Maryland pastors are "split" on marriage, but actually, as numbers show, the pastors are united and energized to protect marriage:

Holding a Bible and an 8-month-old baby, the Rev. Nathaniel B. Thomas stood before his congregation at Forestville New Redeemer Baptist Church on Sunday and declared that last week’s vote in the Maryland House of Delegates supporting same-sex marriage will spark a new battle.

“It ain’t over until God says that it is over,” Thomas said. “It took one woman to take prayer out of schools. There are too many weak-knee Christians. This is bigger than same-sex marriage. It is about changing society.”

Prince George’s County’s church community has been reflective of Maryland’s split on the issue, with preachers such as Thomas railing against same-sex marriage from the pulpit as busloads of churchgoers have traveled to Annapolis to speak out against something they believe tears at the fabric of the nation’s values.

... Those who oppose same-sex marriage in Maryland said their best hope of stopping it will be in the form of a statewide referendum, and in churches on Sunday preachers such as Thomas and the Rev. Joel Peebles, pastor of Jericho City of Praise, vowed to their church communities to push forward.

“This is really a wake-up call for the faith community,” said the Rev. Elwood Gray, pastor of the Peace in the Valley Baptist Church in Silver Spring.

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