Thomas Peters: Social Media Activism "Contributes to a More Robust and Free Democracy”


NOM's Thomas Peters was interviewed in Red Alert Politics, an online hub for young conservatives sponsored by The Weekly Standard and The Washington Examiner, about how he uses social media to fight for protecting marriage and other good causes:

... In addition to blogging, Peters works at the National Organization for Marriage where he is overseeing a project to identify and encourage young activists who are pro-marriage.

Marriage could be a big issue this year, with a number of states – like Washington and Maryland – considering legislation to legalize gay marriage. Other states, including Minnesota and North Carolina, are trying to add traditional marriage to the state constitution.

As part of his work for NOM, Peters travels the country speaking to young people, and teaching them how to defend their views.

“We have to work hard at understanding our own conservative principles so we are better equipped to defend and promote them,” He said.

And social media is key, he noted, “It contributes to a more robust and free democracy.”