Bill Duncan: AG Holder's New Justification to Abandon DOMA Is "Just Made Up"


Bill Duncan, director of the Marriage Law Foundation, on Attorney General Holder's decision to cease defending another key aspect of the Defense of Marriage Act:

The Obama administration did an about-face concerning military policy and the federal Defense of Marriage Act on Friday, when Attorney General Eric Holder informed Congress the Department of Justice will not stand in the way of any service members’ same-sex spouses suing the military for spousal benefits.

... Bill Duncan, director of the Marriage Law Foundation, said Holder’s letter is constitutionally weak.

“It’s all just made up. There’s no part of the Constitution that talks about sexual orientation, the need for the government to give benefits to people,” he said. “This is really troubling because it’s a pattern. We’re not dealing with an administration that adheres to the basic constitutional principle that the government is supposed to do only what it’s given power to do by the Constitution.” -- CitizenLink