Video: Gov. Christie Stands Up to WaPo's CapeHart On His NJ Marriage Solution


Gov. Christie of New Jersey and the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart get into a spirited debate about marriage, referendums and President Obama's "silence" on marriage.

Christie says at one point: "Let's have the President of the United States show some courage, come on this program, look into the camera like I'm looking into the camera and state his position [on marriage]. He won't. Because he wants to have it both ways. I'm not looking to have it both ways. I vetoed the bill. That's my position. What I've offered to the supporters of same-sex marriage is, if one of your reasons for why I should have signed it, was because you're telling me the majority of the people in New Jersey want it, then prove it. Put it on the ballot and prove it. At least I'm standing up for what I believe in. The President has hidden on this issue. He wants to have it both ways. And the public pronouncements, out of his mouth, are "he opposes same-sex marriage." The President opposes same-sex marriage."