Minnesota Pastor: "Clergy Are Uniting and Coming Out in Defense of Marriage"


Pat Hall, pastor of True Light Covenant Church in Minnesota, writes to ThisWeekLive:

In regard to the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, the clergy are uniting and coming out in defense of the definition of marriage.

We are teaching and preaching to inform our members as to the long-term effect this decision will have in our culture.

We are not allowing a few to redefine that which has existed long before the state of Minnesota. Marriage is and has always been between one man and one woman.

It would simply be inappropriate to append something so different to that which is already so well defined.

The Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment was not created to disrespect any particular community or prevent others from having committed relationships. The Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment was created to protect that which has always been defined as a relationship between one man and one woman.

My appeal to our community is that we protect marriage as a vital part of our tradition and our heritage. I also appeal to those on both sides of this issue to respectfully agree to disagree on this matter yet agree to unite and protect those rights that are so near and dear to our forefathers.

The Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment is not intended to be an act of war, rather, it is simply intended to protect, treasure and cherish that which has always been.