PA Family Institute: State Marriage Law Under Attack; Legislative Action Needed


From an action alert by the Pennsylvania Family Institute:

Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act is facing a constitutional challenge in Federal Court in Philadelphia. Your help is urgently needed to help keep marriage the union of one man and one woman in the state.

Attorneys for a lesbian woman who was “married” to her partner in Canada have petitioned the court to declare Pennsylvania’s marriage law to be unconstitutional. That means a single judge could, by his decision, rewrite the definition of marriage in the state to allow same-sex marriage. It was a case not unlike this one that led the high court in Iowa to legalize same-sex marriage there in 2009.

The only way to protect marriage for generations to come in Pennsylvania is a Marriage Protection Amendment...

... For the past five years, the state has considered legislation giving you the chance to vote on a marriage protection amendment, but each year the legislation has been prevented from moving forward. With this past year’s election, however, conservatives won a majority in both the state House and Senate, paving the way for the passage of marriage protection legislation in 2011.

“This court case is a real and present danger to marriage in Pennsylvania,” said Michael Geer, president of Pennsylvania Family Council. “It’s time our legislature act on a constitutional amendment to allow the people a voice on this important issue.”