Gay Marriage Judge to Iowa Voters: Drop Dead


Okay, that's not quite what Iowa Judge Robert Hanson said in response to a new campaign, supported by the National Organization for Marriage among others, to oust three Iowa judges who voted for same-sex marriage.  But that's the spirit of his response. He called the effort “misguided" and an “abuse” of the system.

An abuse?  Dear judges, Iowa’s system allows its citizens to periodically decide whether or not they wish to retain your services.  As Chuck Laudner, Iowa for Freedom's campaign manager put it: “They're going to have a hard time explaining to me why I have the right to vote yes or no on a ballot, but if I vote no, somehow I'm abusing the system.”

These justices’ vote for same-sex marriage was judicial arrogance; this response by Judge Hanson is judicial arrogance on steroids!

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