NOM Exposed! Well, not really, but…


HRC’s Joe Solmonese is devoting a lot of his organization’s resources to “exposing” us here at NOM.  Guess what they found out and put up their website?  We are Catholics, Mormons, and evangelicals who believe gay marriage will hurt marriage as an institution.  It may lead to polygamy.  Our budget has grown rapidly—from $500,000 to $10 million in just three years, thanks to your help and support. Human Rights Campaign has a lot of money to throw around—$40 million last year, and one observer estimated, since its inceptions HRC has spent a quarter of a billion dollars.

We're feisty and growing fast.  HRC, the gargantuan money machine, is running scared!  Brian Brown talks back in this Newsweek story: Read Brian's response here.