Marriage supporters need not apply...


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

He founded a successful law firm in his hometown of Delano, MN, just west of Minneapolis.

He spent six years in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

He won over 900,000 votes as the GOP candidate for Minnesota governor in 2010, losing to Mark Dayton by just four-tenths of one percentage point.

Tom Emmer's resume is hardly the resume of a radical extremist.

But his belief in marriage as the union of a husband and wife was just too much for Hamline University, where he was fired from his adjunct faculty position in the Hamline School of Business last fall.

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NOM's Marriage ADA was created in 2011 to expose exactly this sort of blatant anti-marriage discrimination, bringing you the stories you will never hear in the mainstream news. Whether it's a town clerk forced to choose between her faith and her job, or foster parents denied children because of their religious beliefs, or a professor fired simply for beliefs which he holds—anti-marriage radicals have launched a campaign to paint marriage supporters as the equivalent of racist bigots, unfit for any position in the public sector.

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