BuffaloNews: "Gay Marriage Vote is Causing Problems" for Sen. Grisanti as New Challenger Emerges


Tom Precious and Robert McCarthy of BuffaloNews:

"I don't think I'm going to have a cakewalk at all," Grisanti said in an interview with The Buffalo News at the Capitol, acknowledging his troubles with Conservatives and religious groups in Buffalo after his vote on the state's gay marriage law last year.

The lawmaker's comments came the same day Kevin T. Stocker, a well-known political figure in the Tonawandas, said he will challenge Grisanti in this year's Republican primary, another twist in an already bizarre contest.

When Grisanti became one of four Republicans last June to break ranks and join with Cuomo's call to pass the legislation legalizing same-sex marriage, all sides in the debate assumed the votes could attract Cuomo's campaign help this fall -- either in direct endorsements by the governor or at least his agreeing not to help Democratic challengers.

... Stocker, who has run for Tonawanda town justice and provided a strong challenge to Assemblyman Robin L. Schimminger in the 2010 general election, said he is running because Grisanti has failed to act with "integrity" during his time in office.

The attorney did not specifically take issue with Grisanti's vote in 2011 to legalize same-sex marriage, but he did point to the incumbent's promise to political leaders and local voters not to vote for the measure.