Shove It?!?!?


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

A Republican Senator famously responded to sharp criticism over his vote to impose same-sex marriage on New Yorkers saying that traditional marriage supporters "can take the job and shove it."

Now it's our turn!

Last June I promised you that we would work to unseat seven turncoat senators whose votes allowed the bill to pass and re-take the House and Senate with a pro-marriage majority.

And a week from Tuesday, we have our first opportunity to reclaim a seat for marriage in the state senate!

This is our first chance to take the turncoat Senators up on their offer to take their jobs and shove it!

The pundits never expected this special election in Brooklyn to be so close, but pro-marriage Republican David Storobin has a very real chance to win this heavily Orthodox district.

Help take the next step to reclaim marriage in New York
with a gift to the NOM PAC NY today!

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When Senator Carl Kruger pled guilty to bribery charges and resigned from the Senate last December, his seat opened up for a special election. On March 20th, pro-marriage attorney David Storobin will challenge pro-SSM Councilman Lew Fidler in New York's 27th Senate District. Of the 7 turncoat Senators NOM PAC NY has targeted, Kruger's seat is the first to come up for re-election. A victory here would send a powerful message to the remaining six.

NOM has already been incredibly active in this race with early targeted mailings and advertisements, but need your help to stay in the fight over these critical last two weeks.

Please give as generously as you can today so we can keep up the pressure on the politicians who sold you out last year!

Of course this isn't the only race where NOM PAC NY is active. We've just endorsed and contributed to Chuck Swanick's campaign against Mark Grisanti in Buffalo, and will have more information on other races in the days ahead.

With your help, we can take back the Senate and hold our legislators accountable! Your gift of $5, $50, $500, or even $5000 or more will help to make sure that Albany is forced to listen to the values of New York voters—and not continue with the closed door negotiations, backroom deals and arm-twisting that brought us same-sex marriage two years ago.

New York voters deserve the right to vote on marriage, and we need your help today.

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